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Higher response, higher conversions, lower CPA

Our suite of personalized cross-channel solutions and powerful reporting tools are proven to increase response and conversion rates by allowing prospects to respond on their preferred channel, creating 360 degrees of engagement.

  • Personalized URLs (PURLs)

    Create a unique destination for every customer and prospect to build loyalty, boost engagement, and drive response.

  • Personalized QR Codes

    Give people a quick way to visit their PURL by using their smartphone’s camera — no app or software necessary!

  • IMB Postal Tracking

    Accurately track your direct mail delivery down to each individual recipient using intelligent mail barcode tracking.

  • Inbound SMS

    Enable users to quickly and easily respond via their mobile phone; custom keywords available for each campaign.

  • Call Tracking & IVR

    Fully integrated call tracking, call recording, and interactive voice response solutions — all in one location.

  • Email Marketing

    Increase overall conversion rates by using email marketing campaigns to acquire, nurture, or re-engage targets.

  • Addressable Geo-Fencing

    Hyper-target markets and areas you want to reach using Experiture’s built-in addressable geofence technology.

  • Retargeting & Lead Nurturing

    Maximize conversion rates using automated nurturing programs based on lead status using channels like email and SMS.

Tired of not getting ROI from your direct mail program?

Maybe it’s time to try the omnichannel approach — which can boost leads by as much as 100% and increase funded deals by 30% or more.